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This is my Anime page, a place where I will put up picture and descriptions of my favorite Anime series. Not all of my friends are fans of Anime (Japanese Animation) or Manga (Japanese Comics) and think that I am a little twisted (ok, a lot twisted) as my anime collection increases daily. (And if you really want to be scared look at a list of all of my DVD's. DVD's have given us Anime nuts a chance to not only get our hands on series, that were very difficult, not to mention expensive, but we can now watch these series in both English and Japanese. Most fans are purists, if it isn't in Japanese with English subtitles, we don't wanna hear about it. However, due to the availablity of Anime in English, popularity of the genre has increased 50 fold, so everyone wins. In other words, Pokemon and Dragonball Z are far from the best series out there, but because they made so much money, studios are re-releasing Akira, Fushigi Yugi, Tenchi Muyo, etc. You see my point?

Ok, here is the plan... I am going to try to put up sections about the various movies and series I have on DVD. These sections will have pictures, descriptions, recomendations and reviews. YOUR input is also needed! I welcome any comments you have, as always. If you have a series you want me to review, then drop me a line, I will attempt to get it on here. As far as my taste in series goes, I have no taste ;-) so I'll try anything.


Title Format Type* Length Review
Ninja Scroll DVD Hist
90 Minutes A violent and bloody adventure about a Ronin, that joins forces with a Ninja to stop a power hungry group of magical demons from taking over the Ninja's sacred land...
Good action, contains nudity and tons of bloody fighting, not for the squeamish.
Akira VHS Fant ~2 Hours A psychological thrill ride about government conspiracies, rival biker gangs, and telekinetic potential. Tetsuo is a young gang member, over-eager to prove himself to Kaneda, the leader of the bikers. They all get caught up in a government run psych experiment that threatens to go as badly as it did the first time, when it started World War III. Who is Akira? I had to watch this twice before I figured it out ;-) This is an extremely violent, bloody, haunting story and is not at all for children.
Mononoke Hime
(Princess Mononoke)
DVD Hist
150 Minutes A Story about a cursed warrior that seeks a magical cure for the beast that is growing within him. This is a story with somewhat obvious moral values, but it is so well done, that you will barely notice. There are strong messages about environmental issues and although the story we reproduced through Disney studios, this one is not for young children. Interesting note, the professional cast makes this one just as watchable in English, as in Japanese.
Wings Over Honneamise VHS Hist 125 Minutes An epic tale of a civilization's first faltering steps into space, set in an alien world that is strangely familiar to our own. A young cadet (Shiro) battles with a sceptical public and warring goverments with the hopes of becoming the first man in space. This is a great story and the artwork has a realistic feel to it. Sort of like an anime version of "The Right Stuff" The one downfall is that this movie shows too much, and while you really get an idea of what life is like for Shiro, it seems like 125 hours rather than minutes.


Title Format Type* # of Episodes Review
Fushigi Yuugi DVD Love,Fant 58 A very powerful anime love story about a young girl that is pulled into the magical world of "the Book of the Four Gods" while reading the book in the library. This is a long detailed story with so many characters, it would be near impossible to explain all of them. Basically the story revolves around Miaka (the young girl) and how she matures while living in the book. There is mystery and battles with magic and sorcery, while Miaka takes on her new role as the fabled priestess of Suzaku in the world of the book. This story is not for children. (and make sure to have some Kleenex handy)
Hand Maid May DVD Mecha,Love 11 This one is great, I didn't get it all at once and I was dieing for more as they came in. This is the story of Kazuya Saotome and his best friend and greatest enemy Kotoro Nambara. When a virus infects Kazuya's computer, He accidentally orders a Cyberdoll May from Cyberdyne corp. At a price of over 1 million yen, how will the poor college student foot the bill?
Tenchi Muyo
DVD Love
13 How can I sum up this story.... Well, here goes... Tenchi is a teenager living alone with his father. He spends his summers training in martial arts and "shrine maintenance" with his grandfather at the family shrine. Even though he has been told from birth that the shrine housed an evil demon, captured by his ancient ancestor, Tenchi manages to sneak in and release the demon. His life will never be normal again. The demon turns out to be the space pirate Ryoko, who summons her dormant spaceship Ryo-Ohki, which gets the attention of Princess Ayeka and her little sister Sasami. A great criminal stops by and takes control of Ryoko, cause the Galaxy Police to send in Mihoshi (a clutzy cop) and in the end the greatest scientific mind of the galaxy, Washu is also released from her imprisonment. Needless to say they all move in with Tenchi and his father. Did I mention that Ryoko, Washu, Mihoshi, Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryo-Ohki all in some way are in love with Tenchi Masaki??? Poor kid ;-)
Contains some nudity
Tenchi in Tokyo DVD Love
26 It's the Tenchi gang doing what they do best, fighting over Tenchi. Main differences between the OVA and this is a slightly different origin story, and Ryo-Ohki can somehow turn into a giant mechabunny with Sasami as the pilot ??? who knew?
Tenchi Universe DVD Love
26 Eek!!!
Even more Tenchi, and yet again another origin story ;-)
Ranma 1/2
DVD Love 13 No way am I going to try to explain this one... Most of the people you run into in this series, have an identity crisis. There are some cursed springs in China, and when you fall into one you become the creature that drowned there years ago. The only cure is hot water. Cold water will change you back. So for Ranma, Mr. Saotome, Ryoga, Shampoo, and Mousse life is a nonstop adventure. As a side note, this is the first series, I have seen, where there are interlocking love quadrangles.
Contains some nudity
Dual DVD Mecha
13 This was a great series, by the people who brought us Tenchi. I only wish that there had been more of this one! The story is about a young boy named Kazuki. He is plagued by visions of giant fighting robots, that only he can see. After reading about his visions on his website, the most popular girl in school asks him to walk her home. At her home, her father (a mad scientist) explains that he is seeing things from another dimension, and then accidentally sends Kazuki to that dimension. Now Kazuki can pilot the robots he has seen all his life? sounds good to him!
One warning on this series!
Dual's opening theme is the CATCHIEST SONG EVER!!! IT WILL POP INTO YOUR HEAD AT THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIMES!!! so when you find your self singing in Japanese at work, don't say I didn't warn you!
Trigun DVD Fant 26 Trigun is the story of Vash, an amazing gunslinger on a desert planet. Vash has a $$68,000,000 bounty on his head that doesn't stop him from trying to spread his message of "love and peace" throughout the land. Unfortunately although Vash means well, bad things tend to happen around him. Only his quick wits, (or lack thereof) seem to save him and his friends. This anime is a great series, with tremendous character development. I waited with baited breath for each DVD to be released, and now that the series is over, I ache for more. There is near constant violence in this series, but not much gore, and no nudity... not that this is a kids series, it gets rather dark towards the end.
Oh My Goddess! DVD Love 5 OMG or Ah Megamisu, is a delightful story about Morisato Keiichi's own personal goddess, bound to him for eternity, because the Pizza delivery place was closed ;-) A fun love story although it has a few adult situations, is suitable for children. The artwork is fantastic, and the music video feel is a pleasant change of pace.
Key -
Metal Idol
DVD Mecha
10 Key, is a little girl that believes she is a robot, this is her story. As Key's friends try to bring her out of her shell, a maniacal industrialist is trying to gather psychic energy to power his robots. The story climaxes as Key finds out her past and her destiny collides with the evil man who wants her power. Will Key become a real girl? The story is really good on this one, although slow moving at parts. This series, contains graphic violence, and nudity.

To be added soon:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Gundam Wing
Love Hina
Saber Marionette J
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Bubble Gum Crisis
Bubble Gun Crisis 2040

*Types of Anime
Hist - Historical Anime (earth based)
Mecha - Contains Robots with or without pilots
Love - Usually comedy with love triangles
(sometimes far more angles than tri)
Fant - Fantasy Anime, D&D, Magic and Monsters, Space
Jig - Jiggle Vision, you will see what I mean
Other - Fits in All categories, or
None of the Above

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