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A little about me...
I have become quite lazy in updating this site and believe me I would like to change that. Things have been very busy here in my world and I am glad to have the activity. There was a medical issue that forced me to get serious about my weight and since the last update to this site I have managed to lose 78 lbs! I am praying not to find them again! Please let me know via email or IM if any of my links are dead, I will try to get back to cleaning them up and adding some new ones as I find them. Keep the faith! and try to have fun out there!!!

   Feel free to email me suggestions, or let me know what YOU want to see on my site!

Spring is here! Wish it felt like it!
Well thats about it for now, see you around!

Remember... Bigbrother may be watching you!!! ;-)

but not likely, he is probably playing EQ

Please email me with any recommendations for this site. If you have only criticism, then ok, email me with those too :-(