Great Tech Sites

TCP/IP Router port definitions
Microsoft TechNet ServiceDesk

Interesting Links

Website for ordering water!
Restaurant Paradiso's website
Need Help Remembering a phone #?
Sluggy Freelance - is it not Nifty?
Internet Movie Database
Free Long Distance!!!
TuCows archives - The largest shareware site
Recalls for Cars
Logo Designer Free Page
Virtual BubbleWrap
Glossary of Japanese Terms
Learn Japanese!
Japanese Tutor
George Lucas's Page
Need to find a Zip Code?

Friend's Pages

Andy's TimeCalc page
Josh and Liz's website
Restaurant Paradiso's website

Game Cheat Sites

A Nifty search engine
Great Cheat site
Cheat code site

Great Online shopping!

PC memory headquarters! Needs no introduction
Great Medieval weapon site
Very well designed Medieval site with lots of great deals!

Other things

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