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Ok, I have been told about 6 million times that I need more pictures on my website, so I finally created this page. Will it contain merely boring pictures of my friends & family? Of course! At first, but then I hope it will grow to include pictures from anyplace and pictures from my friends all over the web. After all, I have something like 100 MB on space on this server and I am using 3 :-)
So here goes. . .

Plus of course if you have sent me a picture and do not want it on this page, let me know and I will either not put it on in the first place or remove it entirely.

Helena with her chosen pumpkin...

Trying out her birthday roller skates!

Playing with Mommy

Dancing the night away in Manhattan

A Summertime snack? maybe a lifesaver ;-) ??

Helena thinks anything tastes good

Summer is HERE!!! Time to break in the new pool!

Helena in her piglet outfit if her father was better at oil painting ;-)

Helena happily showing off the little piglet that she is!
A little out of focus, hmm maybe it's time for a new camera?

Ok, so what happens when you give a 1 year old a hot pepper?

She wouldn't just be content to hold it would she?

Of Course Not!

For this course of this excercise the part of a red jalapeņo is being played by an oddly shaped red bell pepper

Helena and Mommy at the RenFest in Sterling Forest

Helena opening presents :)

The Cat that ate the Canary... or um Cake

What a grin!, you would think she got away with something!

Not quite ready to drive, but thanks to Deb, Kevin, Dani, and Ryan for some hand-me-down toys!

Rivka and Marc sitting in a tree... ok, couch..

Helena + Bread = (sigh)

Helena playing on the Floor

Helena wearing my Cap... sort of

Helena with Auntie Debbie and Marissa

4 Generations

Helena being fed by Mommy

Some new pictures of Helena!

Helena with her Auntie

Helena being fed by Grandma

Helena being fed by Grandpa

Picture of the new Mom shortly after birth, with baby bundle showing her why she went through it in the first place...

Our new baby Helena!

My sister Marissa, this is a more recent photo than the previous one I had up here.

My wife and her sisters, Left to Right Annette, Ilana, and Rivka (why do I think this image gets the most hits?)

The newset additions to our family, two Aussie sugar gliders!
That's Olaf on the top, and Eric on the bottom

Here is a picture Annette and me infront of a fake space shuttle at Universal Studios in Orlando...

My Beautiful, Loving, Forgiving, and extremely patient Wife, Annette!

A Photomosaic of my wife, Annette! Made from the DVD covers in our collection.

Here is a zoomed in section. . .

My cousin David, outside my sister's apartment in NYC... it was an extremely windy day!

Here is a picture of my Father and Uncles with their Father...

My Favorite Uncle gave me a hard time for taking this one down at one point... Here he is with his Lexus.

Much More to follow... eventually ;-)

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